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About me:A day without music might as well be my last one, because nothing compares to power of hearing uniquely arranged melodies, rythyms' and harmonies actually transform into something you can feel in your chest . Potent and power-full stuff music is...
Member Since:January 17, 2011
Last Login:May 24, 2012
Location:Farmington, NY
Birthday:March 15
Music means to me:It's everything. Period. It's a universal language, a healing tool, a spiritual guide, a call to revolution.... You get the idea.
Schools:Howtagetitdonequick University- BA in Makin' shit happen.
General Interests:I'll take "lil' of this and lil' of that" for $1000 Alex...
Other Distractions:Funny you mention it, ooooh look a bird.....


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