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About me:I'm Liz.
I love music(duh), poetry, and reading.
But if I go to a party I can have just as much fun.
I <3 myspace and facebook and vampirefreaks.
my aim buddy info beats them all though.
im currently taken by the drummer of a band. his name is ryan <3
Member Since:July 12, 2007
Last Login:March 18, 2008
Location:Livingston Manor, NY
Birthday:April 1
Music means to me:music is everything.
its my inspiration.
my sanity.
my rhythem.
my heartbeat.
its in my head every moment.
i think about precussion patterns when i walk.
i could sit and listen to good music for days without moving.
i love it.
General Interests:poetry, myspace/faceobook/vampirefreaks, reading, hiking, writing, kayaking, drama, photography, drawing, posters, hair dye & hair cuts
Other Distractions:for movies, i love elizabethtown, ghostship, hot fuzz, the fifth element, constantine, the new world, the secret garden, romeo&juliet, queen of the damned, interview with the vampire, the mummy.
for shows, anything on FUSE, some vh1 and mtv, HBO and Starz mostly, i watch a lot of cartoons and sci-fi(love eureka, stargate, the dresden files, enterprise, and almost anything else.)
for books, anything by william shakespeare or anne rice, lily, the color purple, i LOVE keturah and lord death, stuff by donna jo nappoli, and i would never be able to live without jane austen's pride and prejudice.


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