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About me:I play guitar, draw, work and go to shows. The end. I aboslutey love The Colbert Report, and according to Steven, I'm a "Freegan".lol. I'm what you would call a hippie/punk. I love my jam bands but I also can't live without my hardcore punk bands. Woo!
Member Since:June 5, 2007
Last Login:June 27, 2007
Location:Buffalo, NY
Birthday:February 23
Music means to me:I would die without music. My heart would just stop.
General Interests:Playing Guitar. Going to see DMB. Drawing. Music.
Other Distractions:The internet. The Simpsons, Will Farrell, The Sopranos, My Kitten; Tony Soprano, My job, The Colbert Report, Rock Paper Sissors, Dave Matthews, Henry Rollins, My Shitty Wagon, and other things.


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