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About me:A New York native who moved to Miami 4 years ago for this job. I'm going to Italy in 2 months with my brother and I am taking Italian lessons for the trip, but im not quite at the point yet where I can write this in Italian yet, so I'll stick with Inglese!
Member Since:March 14, 2007
Last Login:March 28, 2007
Location:Miami, FL
Music means to me:A way to get through the day as i process endless supplies of boring data at my computer! It's also a mood altering experience that can change my point of view depending on the vibe...
Schools:Rye High School, SUNY Oneonta, Purchase College
General Interests:NY Giants, NY Yankees, NY Knicks, NY Rangers, LIVE Music
Other Distractions:ROME, The Sopranos, Adult Swim, South Park