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About me:danny plays keyboards and sings for George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic, as well as Secret Army, The Soular System, Kendra Foster, Teresa Jimenez, Ligedelic, Lock Brothers, Som'n Fierce, Unfunkwitable, and runs his own Production/Publishing co. called BOZFONK MOOSICK. He is also the head of operations for WEFUNK SOUTH
Member Since:May 30, 2009
Last Login:March 3, 2015
Location:Tallahassee, FL
Birthday:January 8
Music means to me:EVERYTHING.
Schools:University of New Hampshire, Durham.
Graduated 2003.
General Interests:History, Geography, Middle Eastern Studies, Art, Comics, Movies, Business in general, etc.
Other Distractions:www.dannybedrosian.com

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