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About me:I'm laid back but still into the partyscene, dancing music, friends means the most to me. I'm a strong beleiver in the word Carpe Diem. I desire for the unobtainable riskingsanity for temporary moments of enlightenment. I am very liberal I support legalization and states rights. I'm very anti=government controland beleive we built America to control us like communistic pigs but whatever. Anyways I really like good jams.
Member Since:February 7, 2007
Last Login:July 2, 2010
Location:Bloomington, IN
Birthday:August 27
Music means to me:I dont have an instrument I can play,but I am teaching myself how to pay guitar by ear and just by doing that I can feel rhythm and can appreciate sounds, and dancing but most importantly the way it brings everyone together from around the country and world.
Schools:Chesterton Highschool
General Interests:BMX,Music,Government,Legalization,Psychedelics,Liberalistic Views,Tom Wolfe, Timothy Leary
Other Distractions:Smokin kind buds


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