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About me:I HEART YONDER, trample by turtles, hobo nephews of uncle frank, greensky bluegrass, bob dylan, big wu, sexfist, pert near sandstone, shoeless revolution, sci, grateful dead, panic, phish, umphreys, sts9, floyd, lotus. I live in the beautiful state of Wisconsin and love to explore it!
Member Since:March 27, 2006
Last Login:August 13, 2013
Location:Durand, WI
Birthday:June 18
Music means to me:DANCIN' ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Traveling is a big part of seeing music for me.
Schools:University Wisconsin Stout
General Interests:music, playin piano, travelin', learning, reading, my son, hiking, botany, and I'm extremely interested in learning how to play the mandolin, but have not mastered it yet.
Other Distractions:my son takes up most of my time and i love it because life is a neverending adventure for him.


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