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About me:Full time-OldThanAverage-College student on the Communications and Psychology-tip! Proud to be a Damn Diva! I WORK/STUDY HARD that I may PLAY HARD--- In keeping with my signature phrase, It's ALL about the journey, baby! I LOVE to travel on the LIVESIDE of music to peep happenings ala Big Daddy & The Men of The Mule....and other COOLASS artists across the USA. (& plan to do the same "Across the pond" sooner than later) Writing in reference to what I observe......living on the positive side of life...choosing my battles carefully...encouraging my Damn Diva sisters to do the same! Ahhh, 2009 = a lovely time to shine!
Member Since:September 1, 2006
Last Login:March 23, 2010
Location:Cleveland, OH
Birthday:September 24
Music means to me:Music keeps my mind focused. The music I listen to and observe LIVE truly helps keep me centered.
General Interests:anything that involves my daughter, The Hi Stepa2 aka the college diva, and her journey is of interest to me, FIRST and FOREMOST!!! Completing my educational goals in record time, HeadCount, "TRUE Universal" health care, Literacy for the masses and not being what I hate!
Other Distractions:www.mulenation.net, www.myspace.com/thehistepa


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