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Member Since:May 1, 2006
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Location:Saint Louis, MO
Birthday:May 11
Music means to me:WEEN = THE BEST BAND IN THE LAND, but besides ween, i'm a jamband/ hip hop kinda guy. i love my crunchy jams but also like my hip hop, and i'm not talking about all th lil's and yung's but the rappers that actually put a real sentence together and obtain that real hip hop intellect. my fave rappers are aesop rock and del the funky homosapien. the fave jambands are pretty much all the basics but medeski, martin & wood and umphrey's mcgee rise above the rest. But, when it all comes down to one band, WEEN REIGNS SUPREME!!!! They truly are our modern day Beatles, so if ur not down with WEEN, go fuck yourself!!
General Interests:Music, more music, Boognish, Ockam's Razor, my boo, stallion fam, bowling, billiards, air hockey, Wii, Smash Bros., DUTY (bitches!!!), swimming, anything to get my lazy ass back into shape, funky brews, circle of death, beer pong, fuck the dealer, being a turtle, music festivals, random shit, college sports, Muay Thai, boxing, headies, drinkin ur ass under the table, live shows, hookah, bingers, spooning, your mom


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