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Last Login:May 7, 2010
Birthday:September 13
Music means to me:Everything. it is the breath we breathe and the frequencies we swim through every waking moment, it is the concious investigation of the world around us and the attempt to explain or understand the world within us. It moves me to sit , stand jump , scream, cry as well as a million other things. It is the truest form of individaulity and the ability to let go. If every tribe or family on this earth each retained there own unqiue heart beat, music would be that beat, filling thecracks where words fall short. The world would be gray without it.
Schools:School of Life
General Interests:Theater, spoken word, poetry, singing, dancing,gardening, sustainablitiy, living life funky, travel, amazing organic food, tribal cultures,deep spirituality, the outdoors,
Other Distractions:good movies, ben and jerry's ice cream, sensimilla, watching people be human, being a do -gooder


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