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About me:I'm from Lake View, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. As of now (2/08) I am a senior in high school. On my free time, i go to the beach, get high, hike around the woods, go swimming, walking around barefoot, just having a really fun time with all my friends and enjoying the sun when its out.
Member Since:February 22, 2008
Last Login:July 14, 2009
Location:Lake View, NY
Birthday:April 27
Music means to me:Music is an artistic expression that is derived from instruments and sometimes vocals. It is an important part of being a human being because of it's therapeutic values and certain emotional connotations that we can relate to to make our lives much more symbolic and FUN!
Schools:Senior in high school.
General Interests:The mind, cultures, travel, food, visual arts, film, photography, literature, dance, nature, women.... anything not artificial and holds a some sort of value or significance.
Other Distractions:Subliminal moments of bliss where senses are taken over by a metaphysical euphoric entity and nothing in the world matters except for an ever revolving cycle that no on will ever figure out or should because it distracts us from cherishing all the beauty and joy our earth has to offer us.


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