The Traveling Horse Club's Profile

About me:After many years of performing with various bands like The Backwoods Revue', Rootstand, The Family Tree, and several other projects Grant Jacobus decided to revive a band name from his past and The Traveling Horse Club was reborn. Over the years Grant has enjoyed playing guitar & piano and sharing bills with the likes of Melvin Seas & JGB, Railroad Earth, Tony Rice, Del McCory Band, Drew Emmett from Leftover Salmon, and many others.
Member Since:April 3, 2004
Last Login:March 10, 2015
Location:Kalkaska, MI
Birthday:May 8
Music means to me:The flow of the groove carries The Traveling Horse Club through these troubled times as with other generations THC carries the torch , and brings together the community of music loving beings to open their spirits and love collectively. Share the music we are given to feel & become a part of The Traveling Horse Club and join together with the band.
Schools:The Traveling Horse Club hails from the north woods of the lower peninsula of Michigan where the winds blow cold in the winter time and the sun and fresh air warm the soul in the summer months.