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About me:well let me see i love Music,life, a shit load of jam bands,techno,classic rock,mad beats,blue grass,phycidelic rock,spiritual sounds, heres some of each, Widespread Panic,Moe,Tea leaf green,grateful dead, phish,wookie foot, yonder mountain,slightly stoopid,keller williams,disco buiscuits,lotus,cosmic railroad,SLM,down lo, roster mccabe,primus,led zeppelin, frank zappa,jimi hendrix doobie bros, allman bros,umphreys mcgee,big wu,sts9,G love,pink floyd, and so many more that i dont wanna name and u should get the point of what im into by of what i already named.
Member Since:January 23, 2009
Last Login:February 5, 2009
Location:Burlington, WI
Birthday:July 25
Music means to me:everything cause music is my life.
Schools:home schooled
General Interests:arts and crafts,movies,designer of tye-dye's
Other Distractions:how weed isnt legal yet i mean wtf right its the shit its so tasty, man its the bees nees haha peace 1love.


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