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About me:I'm a goofy ass white boy who plays a bad guitar!. On really romantic nights of self, I go salsa dancing w/ my confusion.
Member Since:October 27, 2006
Last Login:May 1, 2010
Location:Knoxville, TN
Birthday:July 8
Music means to me:"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." -Berthold Auerback
Schools:yeah I went but, I spent most my time breaking into the ROTC building, bowling, occupying various administration buildings and smoking a lot of thai sticks. to tell ya the truth I don't remember most of it!
General Interests:the great outdoors > fun stuff
Other Distractions:Adult Swim,South Park, making emo kids smile/laugh, praying for the downfall of Starbucks & Insurance companies, trying to make people think and act as individuals rather than what the mass media tells them to,


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