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About me:I'm a commercial real estate broker based out of Reno NV. I attended the University of Nevada-Reno for music education. I left my sophomore year to enter the real estate business. Huge into Phish, Grateful Dead, moe., Galactic, Gov't Mule ect....
Member Since:December 16, 2000
Last Login:September 25, 2014
Location:Reno, NV
Birthday:April 12
Music means to me:Everything that is beauty in the universe. Music can transcend and change despair into hope, music can bring you out of the darkness and into the light.
Schools:University of Nevada-Reno - Music Education.
General Interests:Gin and Juice, hockey, reading, traveling, fine dining, movies.
Other Distractions:Charlie Murphy's E True Hollywood Stories.


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