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About me:Hello everyone. My name is Chris Cundari. I am a solo musician based out of Athens, GA. My live performances consist of a live looping technique, with a variety of instruments on stage to create a full band effect. Thank you Mr. Keller Williams and Mr. Zach Deputy for the years of inspiration and influence you have on my solo work. You guys rock. Anyhow, I am playing all over the southeast this summer, starting tonight at 9pm-1030pm at New Earth Music Hall in Athens GA with AZ-IZ (DubConscious side project), Seadub, Party City, Seizure Leizure, then the Caledonia Lounge in Athens this Monday, May 10th, with special acoustic set with Emily Morrow, with I.R.E opening and my set starting at around 10:30. Anywho, ill post my confirmed dates for summer thus far below. I recently opened for Brock Butler of Perpetual Groove in Statesboro, which was a truly amazing experience. All my music is free to download, so spread the word, and hope to see you all around this summer :)
Member Since:May 8, 2010
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Location:Athens, GA
Birthday:October 2
Music means to me:Everything. Its all i think about. Everything I hear, see, people i meet, books i read, songs i write, songs other talented musicians compose....all sit and run through my brain all day.

Schools:Gainesville St. (Athens) Berklee Music Online>Auditioning for Berklee School of Music this summer in Boston!! WIsh me luck!!
General Interests:The stand up bass, old jazz, bluegrass music, writing poetry, photography for Conscious Alliance/NEw Earth, like minded peoples, music conversations, Strong coffee, non profit organizations, New Earth Music Hall, Dub Reggae, Ableton Live, working 24 hours a day...getting 3 hours of sleep in a 2 week period to try and push my music to its furthest limit and reach as many people as possible :)
Other Distractions:My new kitten....Art......Philosophy....Frisbee....Festivals....Meeting new people, hula hoopers, Shows, Booking shows :p,

much love,

Chris :)