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About me:well music is my life. and i love to look at the different angles of the every day life. it makes me happy.
i always think music goes with every single second of our lives. and i like to express that.
i'm funny. i'm goofy.
i'm pretty retarded. but i love it like that. fun is my game.
laughter is medicine.
and my main rule is the the Golden Rule(treat other like i want to be treated)
and that's my life!
Member Since:May 9, 2008
Last Login:July 14, 2008
Location:Muskogee, OK
Birthday:June 23
Music means to me:everything. every single second of my life has music in it.
i'm open minded to many types of music. from rap to opera
i love it.
Schools:i graduated high school a year ago. i went to American Broadcasting school (radio) and i didn't like it so i got out of it and will soon be going into film.
General Interests:film, computers, fashion, family and friends.
Other dreaming without even noticing it. the thoughts in my head that wants to be put into music and film. haha


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