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About me:. Grew up in Western Mass. Love the outdoors because of partially where I lived. Love to travel, and go to shows. Live in Denver now. Lovin Colorado
Member Since:January 22, 2005
Last Login:April 7, 2014
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:September 13
Music means to me:Expression, enjoyment , Usually the first thing I do in the morning while I'm waitin for a pot of coffee to brew is put on a song (or songs) that express how I"m feelin. Music gets me through the days.
Schools:Agawam High School, STCC
General Interests:Love nature and anything to do with the outdoors.
Hiking,fly-fishing,rock climbing,snowboarding,camping,... football,hockey,frisbee,golf,baseball/softball,and some indoor ativities ,burning music, and traveling to new places
Other Distractions:Bluegrass ! snowbording, Family Guy, Simpsons, Lost, 24, Rescue Me, CSI, Law and Order. Like to read non-fiction, biographys and auto-bios. Sports events are always a good time. (LETS GO RED SOX) Tattoos and art of any sort , girls w/ dreadlocks....


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