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About me:i love music, play guitar and banjo. i'm a yoga instructor and massage therapist...music is a great addition to those things! I've lived all over the world, spending a good chunk of my adult life in Costa Rica. I currently live in Asheville and record music and play shows with a few bands from time to time. Hugeeeeeee deadhead, but I LOVE bluegrass and the blues as well.
Member Since:December 17, 2010
Last Login:September 25, 2011
Location:Asheville, NC
Birthday:July 6
Music means to me:music is the most beautiful powerful force ever. it can make us feel emotions we didn't know we had....can make us heal from wounds we didn't know still exsisted. music is like color; without it, the world would be grey.
Schools:WVU-one semester
Yandara Yoga Institute
Center for Massage and Natural wellness
General Interests:Yoga, herbalism, natrual healing, health, veganism, guitar, banjo, Massage, chakras, meditation, hoola hooping, painting, writing, hiking, shamanism.
Other Distractions:weed, alcohol, the office, ps2, online shopping...


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