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About me:.Cazzy is an alien guitarist... one of two
surviving aliens from the now infamous UFO crash in Roswell,
New Mexico in 1947.
Cazzy toured playing guitar with the late deaf drummer,
Shawn Dale Barnett, who played and lived
briefly with Alice in Chains' lead singer,
Layne Staley. Cazzy is known for selling Jimi Hendrix's guitar strap
from the 1969 Woodstock Festival
at Sotheby's Rock and Roll memorabilia auction house in New York city.
Cazzy had one of his songs included in the Horror film,
"The Night Owl", which is part of an indie Horror DVD 4-pack called,
"Wicked Intentions" available at Sam Goody,Renco,Circuit City,
Best Buy, and

Cazzy went to Orlando, Florida briefly to play music and network.
Although he loved the many talented musicians he met in Florida,
one day he actually came home to find his girlfriend dead on the toilet bowl
from a heroin overdose...eyes still wide open.
(She started with pills dear...)

(Hence, the reason why some people say Cazzy is insane.)
He is not insane.
Just wary of some humans now.
Some people have emailed Cazzy asking whether or not
that is his late girlfriends' voice one hears on the track,
"Zoomin' with a Dead Girl"...the answer is yes.
Now when Cazzy first wrote the song,
"Go Away",
he played it for his late girlfriend on acoustic,
since he had written it for her...
these were the words she would tell him everyday...
she was in constant pain.
(She was run over by a guy in a pick-up truck
as she was crossing the street going to a Christmas Play).
Upon hearing the song on acoustic guitar,
she broke down in tears.
She never lived to hear the finished studio version.

After that traumatic morning in Orlando,
Cazzy headed back to New York to try and clear his head.
He really hasn't played too much music,
Just occasionally playing out at open mic's and at the occasional rave.
However, if allowed to....
He does play a mean guitar!
Most of the time though, Cazzy-The Alien Blues Dude is a recluse...
only coming out of the spaceship occasionally
when called on to play some guitar
by some DJ or
the occasional club
but mostly jams with friend,
Psy-Trance/Techno DJ,
DJ CKat. (Cheshire Kat)
Lately though, Cazzy has recently moved...
To Dallas, Texas...
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Birthday:April 1
Music means to me:Music means to me blood and tears and life and love and death.
Schools:School? What's that?
General Interests:Buddhism,World Peace,Techno,Jazz Bluez,Classical
Other Distractions:Your face