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About me:I am intense, dense, and heavy... sweet and coy. I am a cellist, poet, snowboarder, runner, wakeboarder, music appreciator, harmonica player, a lover of life, and most of all I am a devoted individual. I enjoy nature and all of it's splendor, all of it's "suchness".. and I draw beautiful ugliness from the world surrounding me. I ache, hurt, scream, savor, whine, release, and love.. I suffer and survive.
Member Since:January 6, 2010
Last Login:January 22, 2010
Location:Davenport, IA
Birthday:March 2
Music means to me:An outlet, a resource, a show of human ability, a reaching into the unknown- the wordless- the unexplicable
Schools:ISU, SCC, Augustana
General Interests:Loving life, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Cello, Reading, Camping & Hiking, Going to live music shows, Dancing, Enojoying the nature, the atomsphere, & how beautiful life is on Earth :)


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