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Location:Muncie, IN
Birthday:September 21
Music means to me:Experimental/JazzFunk/Electronica

Catch Curtis brings a refreshing taste to the jam scene. Well-versed in jazz theory, they've also kept up to par with modern styles and successfully explored possibilities using laptops on stage. The result is a fresh blend of tuneful soundscapes with deep musical roots in jazz and funk.
Hailing from the Midwest, their live sets release an unlikely energy that often leaves listeners contemplating whether they should listen intently or get-down on the dance floor. One thing is guaranteed: when you leave a Catch Curtis show your head will certainly be filled with undeniably catchy melodies and refreshingly positive vibes.

Over the past year, Catch Curtis has played interstellar jamming shows opening for Papadosio, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Strange Arrangement, and many other great bands. Constantly developing exceptionally innovative approaches to music, they've also matured and grown into one breathing mechanism. Catch Curtis will be spiraling around the nation soon enough and those caught in the pathway will feel an exhilarating shock-wave consequently...

Ashton Kleemann- Keyboards
Josh Lockwood- Guitars, Keyboards (Ableton Live)
Matt Parkison- Bass
Nick Rapley- Drums
Schools:Ball State University


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