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About me:My name is Shawn. Im 21. I live in Morristown, NJ w/ 3 of my boys. I party. I work alot.
Member Since:August 7, 2006
Last Login:March 25, 2008
Location:Morristown, NJ
Birthday:May 10
Music means to me:A time and space seperated from all other times or events in your everyday life. A place to be free and live for the moment letting all inhibitions and responsilibites escape your memory. The most pure concentrated form of fun.
Schools:CCM, SCCC
General Interests:Beer, Music, Running, Sleeping, Nugs, That first shower after the three day long festival
Other Distractions:DMT the spirt molecule by Dr. Rick Strassman.
Horror movies!! TV sucks.


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