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About me:Since my first concert in 1987 (Huey Lewis and the News) I have seen well over 500 shows and still see about 2 every month.
Member Since:March 11, 2007
Last Login:July 18, 2008
Location:Austin, TX
Birthday:November 14
Music means to me:When live music is really good, it is the ultimate connection to your soul through the disconect of your mind.
Schools:School of the Open Road
Graduated with HONORS
Fully accredited intership with Dr. Garcia and Prof. Anastasio
General Interests:I LOVE JAZZ FEST, and I am also heavily involved with Jam In The Dam. I know that every good Karma point I earned on past tours were traded in for the lotto ticket that introduced me to the promoters of this INCREDIBLE FESTIVAL! If you start saving now you can go next year.
Other Distractions:I've been to a concert every New Year's Eve every year since Phish at Woooosta Centrum in 93/94. This year marks 15 in a row!!!


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