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About me:I am a fun- loving layed back gal, 22 years old, go to USM, in school to become an elementary school teacher. Yep,so that's that. :)
Member Since:November 5, 2006
Last Login:November 27, 2009
Location:Brandon, MS
Birthday:August 18
Music means to me:Music is therapy,detatchment:pure bliss that leads to transcendentalist enlightenment, joy, and power.
Schools:Holmes Community College
The University of Southern Mississippi
General Interests:the environment, elements of nature,disc golf,golf,tennis,fishing, hiking, camping,bike rides, yoga,deep stretches, drinking premium beer, liquor and wine, tasteful art, artful sex, oO slip and slides, swingsets, trampolines, swimming pools, hot tubs, animals, plants, birds, power bird-hawks, free stuff, and open minded, free spirited individuals.
Other Distractions:television and movies
Blue Planet and Planet Earth must be noted
Great film and television dominate a piece of my being
Sports and Exercise, and great, cultural FOOOODS.


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