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About me:names chris I love 2 live it up and hate to have a bad time I always look on the positive side of things just because why not life is to short to be misserable I love meetin knew people so feel free to send me a link I'm on myspace and facebook so just look up chris duffey and remember always have fun : )
Member Since:July 24, 2008
Last Login:September 3, 2014
Location:Maynard, MA
Birthday:December 23
Music means to me:Energy life love fun excitement but certantly not grammer its all the fun without the hassel its the good time without the bad a great time that only gets better and a way for people 2 get to know one another I look forward to hearing from anyone I'm not a creep and I don't mind talkin to a stranger so
Schools:NPTI-CPT, nutritional consultant and Massage therapist
General Interests:HAVIN A BLAST
Other Distractions:pretty girls but then again what guy doesn't get distracted by them


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