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Music means to me:Music Enriches the journey as it keeps the heart beat from the womb to the next wonderment.
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David Nelson Band
Sun 3/1/2009 9:32AM
02/15/09 (Sun)  Forestville Club - Forestville, CA

Set 1: Fable Of A Chosen One > Edge Of The Wire, I Feel So Good, Film @ 11, Sitting Here In Limbo, Born A Dreamer > Just A Season > Fable Of Chosen One,
Set 2: Iko - Iko > Cut & Run > The Wheel > Ghost Train > Any Naked Eye > Kick In The Head, E: Ripple
Lineup: David Nelson-Mookie Siegel-Barry Sless-Pete Sears-Joe Chirco

My first show in 2009
Fri 2/13/2009 10:59AM

Finally dusting of the webs around my bones tonight to go see Billy Kruetzmann at the Independent in San Francisco.  My last show, that 8 and a half hour New Years Eve bononza pretty much kept my fill the past month and a half, aside from not much was happening on my nights off since then.