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About me:Well, I fell in love with the Dead and the whole scene about 5-6 years ago. Coincidently, that's around the time I started smoking pot--go figure! I haven't been able to make it to as many shows as I would like to, but a good run this summer should take care of that! I am into crystals, nature, massage therapy, art, dance, music of course, and really just spreading that good good vibe all around.
Member Since:March 31, 2007
Last Login:March 26, 2011
Location:Nashville, TN
Birthday:August 16
Music means to me:The physical manifestation of our most enlightened thoughts through vibrations. Also, it's my life and impossible to live without it.
Schools:Hillsboro High School, MTSU, Nashville State Community College
General Interests:Music, nature, art, healthy living, raw foods, crystals, comedy, dance, beauty and harmony. FUN!
Other Distractions:Books: The Alchemist, Ishmael, The Jesus Mysteries, Still Life with Woodpecker, Invisible Monsters, Be Here Now, Alice in Wonderland
Movies: The Cremaster Cycle-haha
Art: Van Gogh, Manet and Monet, Warhol, Matisse, Picasso, O'Keefe, Buddhist Mandalas


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