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About me:I live in Los Angeles (previously New York & originally from Atlanta, GA. I play bass in a band called "A War Party's Farewell". I like to drink beer, whiskey, rum, and tequilla. I love my wife Bonnie!!!!! Shout out to my bro's David, Rich, Lynn, and Matt
Member Since:August 24, 2010
Last Login:June 19, 2011
Location:Van Nuys, CA
Birthday:August 21
Music means to me:Everything. My world rotates because music makes it happen.
Schools:Henry County High School / Shorter University
(Degree in Music /Theatre)
General Interests:Everything listed in "About Me"
Other Distractions:My television


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Favorite 70's Albums
Tue 8/31/2010 3:58PM
Deep Purple - Machine Head , Fireball Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV , Houses of the Holy