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About me:Who we are:

Traditional-alt country, hillbilly, folk, Americana whatcha-call-it band based out of Chicago,IL and Glen Rose,TX.

What we DON’T play:

Corporate Country

What we DO play:

‘Real Traditional’ Country Music

What is that exactly?
We play our own instruments, write our own songs and carry our own tune!

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Member Since:February 22, 2007
Last Login:February 26, 2007
Location:Glen Rose, TX
Music means to me:In this world of "corporate country" we're doing our best to keep the flame alive by playing real country music.

General Interests:The Alt Country Survival Guide is Ready!

I wanted to do something nice for my mailing list for all of the support they gave us over the past year. So, during the holidays I compiled an ebook--a guide of sorts--that would hopefully make it easier for them to be alt country music fans.

This ebook is full of hundreds of links to alt country and Americana music artists, tv shows, websites, podcasts, blogs, record labels and anything else dealing with alt country music.

The Guide is free, and you can get your own copy by visiting the Alt Country Survival Guide page on my website.

Let's face it, mainstream country is everywhere, and you're never out of earshot of a country radio station or cable channel. It requires a little more work, however, to keep up with the alt country and Americana music scene.

But with this guide, there's enough free resources of cool alt country links that should keep a steady stream of alt country tunes flowing your way all the time. Along with all of the links, the book also includes a special section entitled, "How to Turn Your Computer into an Alt Country Tivo(R) That Delivers Alt Country Music, Programs, and Interview to Your Desktop 24/7," which is a step-by-step guide that shows you how download and subscribe to podcasts and RSS feeds.

Download your free copy of the Alt Country Survival Guide NOW!

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