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About me:I'm short, spunky and love the outdoors and good music. I especially enjoy live music which is why i love the jambase.
Member Since:September 10, 2002
Last Login:December 15, 2014
Location:Chattanooga, TN
Birthday:October 5
Music means to me:Music is one of the keys to life. There is music for every occasion whether you are happy, sad, need to be cheered up, need some energy, need to chill out & relax, etc. Music is a key part in my life and helps me to express whatever mood I'm in at the time. Also, music such as Phish or Disco Biscuits (there are many others but these 2 are prime examples) really gets in my bones and my blood. I love the feeling it gives me when the music can literally pick me up and make me move without even having to try to give any effort to just picks me up and moves me goosebumps to describe it!!! That's what music means to me
Schools:McIntosh High School and Georgia Southern University
General Interests:Rafting, Kayaking, hiking, backpacking, camping, snowboarding, some mountain biking, deep sea fishing, running, disc golf, etc.
Other Distractions:my wife and daughter


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