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About me:I just moved to Goodyear Az, about two months ago from Oklahoma. I love camping, going to shows thrown down some beers and having a good time.
Member Since:February 22, 2006
Last Login:December 5, 2012
Location:Goodyear, AZ
Birthday:January 23
Music means to me:music just makes me happy. I get so excited before a show, and it just makes me so damb happy and warm inside when it starts. Music is the greatest escape ever. It can change your mood in a second, and that makes it exciting.
General Interests:animals, I love animals, they make me smile:-), people watching occupies a good amount of my time, as well as thinking, well more daydreaming than anything, so maybe thats more of a distraction than an interest
Other Distractions:i watch way to many movies, some good some bad and some just make me wonder who put up the cash for such crap(how to slay a vampire) Some of my fovorets are Casablanca, Brazil, Millers Crossing, Legend, Rocky, and lots more that I cant think at the moment.


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