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About me:They found me under a stump when I was a wee little lad all covered in muck and mire. As I grew older I always looked up to my new big brother. I have been catching up to him ever since. When they first found me, I was but half his age but now I am over 7/8 as old as he. However, the race seems futile because I have noticed that past a certain point all there is to look forward to is mumbling and pissing oneself. I have made a valiant attempt to slow down but recently I noticed that the water level in the toilets were slowly rising. However, that is not the case at all. Other parts of me are lowering.
Member Since:May 31, 2010
Last Login:April 20, 2013
Location:Morrison, TN
Birthday:October 29
Music means to me:Everything. It is the essence of the soul and the elixir of the mind.
Schools:Hard Knocks Class of...
General Interests:Storm chasing, soaring, canoeing, photography, spelunking, hiking, guitar
Other Distractions:Look, a squirrel!


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