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About me:I had a later "awakening" than I had hoped, but after 24 years of wondering the earth aimlessly searching for something I couldn't describe...I finally found the music.
Member Since:October 9, 2012
Last Login:February 12, 2013
Location:Roanoke, VA
Birthday:July 12
Music means to me:Music stops time. When you listen to music nothing else matters. Music takes you to places you never knew you could venture. It helps you remember, it helps you forget. Music is the key to both happiness and pain.
Schools:Virginia Military Institute (don't judge--I'm still cool)
General Interests:Everything weird. The weirder the better. Seriously..try me.
Other Distractions:Labradorite and other gemstones take up a lot of my time, as well as hula hooping. I love metaphysical discussion as well.


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