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About me:psychedelic. I like to expand my consciousness. Free Spirit. I never let anyone stop me from being who i truly am
Member Since:November 8, 2009
Last Login:November 8, 2009
Location:Billerica, MA
Birthday:December 18
Music means to me:music and the 4th dimension are extremely closely related... I believe that music is one of the few things that is carried through to the afterlife.
Education is such a beautiful thing but our schools have deluded the minds of millions. It has become nothing more than a way to brainwash our future generation to think "normally".

What happened to free speech and individuality! Our country hasnt been a free country since the american revolution. Someone help me break this vicous cycle
General Interests:Philosophy, Karma
Other Distractions:hiking , fire, friends, meditation, thinking


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