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About me:30 years old. been seeing shows since i was 5. First show was Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5 ( Off The Wall Tour)That means by 18 i've seen more shows than most folks twice my age. Nevertheless, I am not a "holier than thou" head. I KNOW THE VIBE! I AM ONE OF THE KEEPER'S OF SAID VIBE> this "vibe" comes from ancient shamans and mystical glowing energy!
Member Since:August 8, 2007
Last Login:September 6, 2010
Location:Phoenix, AZ
Birthday:April 4
Music means to me:Music is like my heartbeat. I love it with every beat of my heart!
Schools:over-educated even though i never graduated college. (thanks PHiSH for making this a reality)
General Interests:Dogs, LOVE, and showing folks how to really get down!
Other Distractions:too distracted to answer


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