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About me:I run Bob Floyd Productions, a new live music production company. Specializing in creating live music festivals. In recent months I've takin on a managing possition with a band called The Diggity, and for 2007 will not be putting on any festivals, but be prepared to hear The Diggity, and be ready for 2008 its only a year away. I love jam bands, to me there is nothing more real about music, that a group of musicians together, just completely feeling the vibes from eachother, and creating something new and different every time they play.
Member Since:August 18, 2006
Last Login:June 26, 2009
Location:Valparaiso, IN
Birthday:December 15
Music means to me:music is a life style, its a way of living. without music, there wouldn't be much point to anything, because anything goes better with music
Schools:Sawyer College - Computer Network Engineering
General Interests:listening to music, photography, people, nature, peace, thunderstorms
Other Distractions:music is my ultimate distraction, then comes a nice relaxing smoke


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