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About me:BlueHighways TV takes the road less traveled by offering original programming that captures that welcoming, down-home spirit that Americans are known for and are increasingly seeking on television - delivered with an interesting, honest and exploratory voice, without a trace of flash or irony.
Member Since:May 3, 2011
Last Login:May 3, 2011
Location:Hendersonville, TN
Music means to me:From bluegrass and folk to the gospel and blues that are the essential backbone of today's modern rock, BHTV has always remained true to all facets of this inherently American music.
General Interests:Interests:
BHTV programming weaves a colorful cultural tapestry of American life and heritage, giving viewers the opportunity to discover a vast treasure of American music, art, culture and entertainment.
Other Distractions:BHTV doesn't jump on the bandwagon to capitalize on any trend or fad, yet it keeps its freshness by exploring new artists, new places and new stories


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