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Location:Beatrice, NE
Birthday:May 28
Music means to me:Music brings people together. A beloved side effect of a song is the connection it can bring, linking people on a level that may not have been achievable without a common thread (or beat). Subsequently, music is able to be around when no one else is. There is not a single emotion that cannot be articulated through harmony. A way to communicate when words alone cannot do the feeling justice. For me, listening to a good song is like taking a short vacation into emotions normally kept hidden (cheaper than therapy). For better or for worst, music amplifies all emotions, memories, and experiences we go though in life.
General Interests:I said it once and I will say it again, CHECK OUT SOMAFM!!!!! It is an online radio station, no commercials, great underground music, and lots stations to choose from.!!!
Other Distractions:Holla, if ya hear of anything good!


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