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About me:Bruno is: hand painted in China, a hot cheesy treat, bruised & tattooed, a subdued force of nature, better with age, salted with extra butter, good & good for you, selfish, generous, compassionate, greedy, sanctified & sacrilegious, like everyone yet like no one, saved by grace, damned by weakness, part of a place and time that can always be worn like a favorite shirt, and ultimately a creature of the land of the lakes where his heart sits down forever.
Member Since:May 11, 2008
Last Login:December 15, 2014
Location:Lexington, KY
Birthday:February 14
Music means to me:A way to connect, communicate, soothe, anger, protest, appreciate, alienate, and express the poetry of the journey in a multitude of sounds.
Schools:Trade School, 2yrs. College, Graduate of HKU (Hard Knocks University) Detroit Campus.
General Interests:Road cycling, fitness, literature, faith.
Other Distractions:Friends, local music, work-work-work (dammit !)


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