Meeting Bob Weir

I met Bob Weir March 20th. It was at a private party for Al Franken. Bob sang for songs, "Moan, Casey, Moan", "Paint My Masterpiece" ~Bob Dylan, "Friend of the Devil" and "Broke Down Palace"

It was one of my most amazing experiences of my life. We basically had a Hoot-n-annie while sitting cross legged on the floor. he was 3 ft. in front of my playing.

I'm speechless.

Thu 4/3/2008 10:38 AM


EVILFUNK starstarstarstarstar Fri 4/4/2008 09:11AM
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Bob knocked me off of a barstool in Marin once. he obviously didnt intend to do so but when i turned to say 'what the hey hippy ~ wacth where your goin' he acted like i was trying to get an autograph. will someone please give this man a copy of MY resume...

lilyput starstarstarstarstar Thu 4/10/2008 01:30PM
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i've never met bob weir, but i did get to meet bruce hornsby a few weeks ago. very, very nice and funny man.