Time to let it grow

Press to the ground by the feet of a careless hiker, the grass will rise again. Maybe it will not rise right away, but it will soon enough. It cannot be held down against it's own will for much longer than the sun can stop shining because the moon wants to take over. An open door stands in front of the wilted grass. The lock touching the frame, but not keeping out the visitors. Wandering minds can find themselves pushing it open to see the character on the wood floor, the ash in the fireplace and the care that had been instilled in it. Never mind the crumpled writings on the floor, or the unmade bed. Look on to what it has to offer. And there on the table will read a note, "I've left this beauty to the next person who will care for it like i did. It's beauty is not easy to give away, but I've had it for far too long that my neglect will only get worse for it. Cherish it for all that it's worth because it's value is more than life on earth" When the snow falls in the winter and the leaves are blown into a whiplash of gorgeous grace flowing in the sky, following one another, during the autumn cold, let yourself notice. Be that wandering mind that is curious and take yourself to that abandoned house that stands the test of time. Take a picture if needed so you can remember that moment of pure poise and graciousness that nature has to offer. Everyday is another chance to make it into something great, you just need to take the time to let it grow on you.
Sat 11/20/2010 10:30 AM