hide me

the tears swell in her eyes as she stares at the dying grass. Sounds of passing cars awake her from trance. as she brushes the tear from her cheek, she looks to her arms. Goose bumps pronounce from her skin. the friction of her hands rubbing on her skin keeps her mind occupied. blowing slightly, the wind pushes her hair onto her wet cheek. A bee searches the grass for any flower, any at all, to suck the sweet nectar out of. Closing her eyes, she takes a breath and thinks to herself "i just don't know anymore" Her face is pale. Her lips are dry. Hiding her face within her hands, she lets one more tear go before she pulls herself up to climb the mountain she's about to trudge up. Dying grass, starving bees, and tears falling from a young girls' eyes. People say the world is full of beauty but yet all i see is the pain that's trapped within it.
Sat 11/20/2010 10:30 AM