skool sux

i hate skool so fuckin much all that the fuckin teachers do is freakin yell at u nd who wants 2 always b yelled at neway well i sure fuckin dont i wish that i couldnt freakin drop out of skool i would if i was allowed 2 but im not so i guess that ill have 2 just stay in here 4 like 3 more years than im done ill b so happy wen i can finally get out of skool bc none of my teachers really like me ne way so thats y i dont really like them they kan fuckin burn in hell 4 all that i really kare i dont kare so it wouldnt bother me if they were 2 die 2day thats how much i fuckin hate them nd they dont teach us nething neway they r supposed 2 b making us smarter i dont feel at all smarter i feel that my brain cells have been burnt up theres nothing left nd it just gets worse evrytime i have 2 sit in that fuckin classroom  i wish that skool would just freakin stop so at least ill have a chance 2 save my brain cells well over the summer ill have time 2 give myself a break from all of this fuckin skool work its driving me fuckin krazy if u kant already tell well it is nd if i dont stop it soon then i wont have ne brain cells left nd ill b pretty much burnt out 4 the rest of my life bottom line skool sux end of story period G2g c ya peace out
Thu 5/8/2008 10:55 AM