wat musik means 2 me

musik is wat i find 2 b the esscence of life it helps motivate u 2 do things it helps u 2 calm urself down after having a bad day nd it can help u make sum really kool friends without musik i dont really know wat id b like nd i dont plan on finding out ne time soon musik also can help tell ppl wat kind of person that u r there is all kinds of musik out there u just got 2 find the 1 that tells who u r having nd knowing wat kind of musik that u like is really a good thing bc u will know wat crowd ud prefer 2 hang out with whether u r in2 screamo death metal rock country bluegrass jazz or ne other kind of music the music u listen 2 tells ppl about u it might give ppl more information about u than u would want them 2 know musik is life there is nothing in this world that i like more than music so thats about all music is life thats all period do u got a story about wat musik means 2 u if u do send me a message nd tell me all about it id really like 2 know alright G2g peace
Tue 5/6/2008 10:39 AM


Matt starstarstarstarstar Fri 5/9/2008 10:55AM
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this fuckin sux yo