"Scream Phoenix"

So I stand aside for a second and review the past three months. My life hasn't gone in the direction I placed it. I'm struggling daily to meditate or obtain some form of clarity. I have put the crutches down, and I'm bout to pick em back up. It's a nerve wrecking adventure on a daily. The truth waits within. As soon as I close my mouth long enough, I unveil the reality fluently. But this reality sometimes makes me stand back to succumb to the treachery that remains constant. Thinking of departure from the present location, is only leading to more complexion. This journey is predetermined. The Lord is the architect and I need to accept that the struggle is only what I am suppose to get through in order to appreciate life and create the necessary changes naturally. One day time will catch up and I will be focused on the present instead of dreaming of future possibility. For now I'll just inhale and wait for the moment of calming enlightenment.
Fri 4/11/2008 12:41 PM