Magazine33 Josati: Living the Dream By: Brandon Samuel For fans of electronic music, it is an exciting time to be living in Richmond. Since the beginning of 2010, Richmond's larger venues have kept a revolving door of nationally recognized mainstream artists. Along with the bevy of well-known, mainstream acts, there has been a surge in the general volume of local acts. Electronic bands and DJs in particular have been tirelessly playing shows in just about every place imaginable, and several of them are starting to find a great deal of success resulting from all of their hard work. One such individual is a DJ known as Josati who grew up in the area and simply personifies musicality in every possible way. Born Joseph Samuel Timberlake, Jo-sa-ti (get it?) has always had music in his blood. He grew up teaching himself how to play a number of instruments and developed a wide range of musical influences. For several years he played bass in a respected local band called Existor. Over the past two years, Josati has emerged as an up-and-coming star in the electronic scene. His confident style and persistence with his music has opened door after door, and Josati has never hesitated to walk through them. To be successful you have to have high expectations for yourself, and after sitting down and talking with Josati, I quickly learned there is no shortage of drive within him. The past two years have been a time for Josati to define himself as an artist, but it was a recent event in Richmond that really proved to be a jumping off point for him as an artist. Richmond's Dominion River Rock took place in May and featured some amazing acts, such as Perpetual Groove and Big Gigantic. The event, which also featured Josati on the main stage, drew a ton of attention throughout the city and beyond, and Josati became a household name on the electronic scene virtually overnight. For nearly a month he held one of the top five spots on's most-viewed artist list, sharing the honor with bands such as Phish and Pretty Lights. His Facebook page started to blow up with people praising his talents, and he was given the motivation that he needed to branch out to different states and venues to let people hear his unique breakstep/electro style. Soon after River Rock he jumped on a plane bound for Colorado to play some shows around Bisco Inferno, then jumped on another plane to California to take part in a seven-city, self-promoted run that consisted of both private and club style shows. After a great deal of success, and an even deeper sense of motivation, Josati came back to Richmond ready to step on the gas and take his music to the next level. One of the greatest things about Josati is that he seems to really understand what it takes to make quality music. He has surrounded himself with people that know and understand the industry and has used those connections to get his music heard by the right people. He regularly teams up with Jesse Pruitt of EQ Produktions, opening and headlining shows at venues big and small around the city. EQ Produktions has made a huge name for themselves by consistently bringing big names to the city, and there are absolutely no signs of slowing down any time soon. Any great artist will tell you that who you surround yourself with is one of the most important aspects of their career, and that having good friends in the industry can be a huge stepping stone. EQ has been a huge help in catapulting Josati into the spotlight, and Josati has consistently returned the favor by making the most out of every single opportunity he has been given. If you ask Josati, the Richmond music scene has not even come close to plateauing yet. There is something about the music that “really brings people together in a unique way.” The energy of the shows is always at a high level, and the infusion of live painters and vendors only help add to the overall feel of a live experience. Recently, Josati took part in a three-night run with Zoogma consisting of shows in Richmond, Norfolk and Baltimore. The prospect of playing three shows in three nights with a well-known band such as Zoogma was extremely exciting for the Richmond native. The opportunity to play in front of his hometown crowd is always an amazing feeling for him; however, to get another opportunity to show off his skills to new faces in new cities was a well-received challenge for him. Josati is “hungry as fuck” and relishes the opportunity to show people exactly what that means. When he is on stage he appears to be having a blast. He works hard to make sure that his transitions are tight and constantly interacts with the crowd. The way that he bounces around on stage is further proof that he truly enjoys what he is doing, and the crowd feeds off that energy. It’s crazy to think that a guy who spent three years as an Account Executive could just decide to pursue the calling that consistently made him happy and leave the rest of the nine-to-five bullshit behind. His love for music prevailed and he decided that it was now or never. That was about six months ago, and if you ask him today there are absolutely no regrets. He is living the dream, making music and meeting amazing people. His popularity is growing day by day, and it is only a matter of time before that big break comes to completely changes his life. Josati is humble enough to thank the people that helped him get to this point, but confident enough to know that he is good at what he does. For now, he is going to continue to work hard searching for new songs and figuring out amazing ways to manipulate the sound and transitions. One thing is for sure - there will be no giving up, no taking a break, no negativity. I have met very few people that are as dedicated as he is, and his payoff is coming sooner than later. Check out Josati on his Facebook page and at Also, mark your calendars for August 2 at the Hat Factory as EQ Produktions teams up with Josati, JOE NICE and Ghost Payne for RVAlution.
Mon 8/8/2011 2:12 PM