Three Artists I'm Dying to See in '08

So, the artists I have been dying to check out come from all ends of the musical spectrum. Also, this is a list that is not limited to simply three artists, but I have created a condensed version of it in order to respond to the prompt.. I've excluded a couple of acts that I know I'm going to see shortly that I've wanted to see for a while (Immortal Technique, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey)

Gomez - I've been a fan of this psychedelic British pop outfit for over four years, and have never had a chance to catch them (save the Zooma tour, which crashed and burned before it even lifted off).

Hallucinogen - Whether it's just him, or with Shpongle or Younger Brother, I must see Simon perform asap! His textured electronica is practically unparalleled and the intensity of his music is exhilarating.

Radiohead - 'Nuff said.

Thu 2/21/2008 2:36 PM