Artists I'd Like to See in 2008

We're all committed music fans. We've all seen probably hundreds of shows, some perhaps thousands!  Here is a list of artists I would love to see in 2008.
  • Yeasayer -- this album blew my gourd! Listen to this band!
  • Akron/Family -- This band can play the best brown note ever. Sadly I missed them in SF last time 'round. DYING to see them.
  • Iron & Wine -- never seen him before, would love to see him on the tour with Califone
  • Rotary Downs -- I want more from the Downs! These boys created a phenomenal disc.
  • The Whigs -- their new album "Mission Control" is unbelievable!
  • Josh Ritter -- he's on fire! Really breaking out more and more
  • Vampire Weekend -- what a great sound. Very unique.
  • Ryan Adams - I just saw him for the first time and I need more!
  • Built to Spill -- still haven't seen these guys! But they have 2 nights at the Fillmore soon!
  • Efterklang -- wow!  What a band... I'd kill to see Akron/Family with Efterklang
  • Radiohead -- still haven't seen them either, but the chances are slim
  • El Ten Eleven -- this duo blows my mind, old skool Slip-syle.
  • Wilco -- duh!
  • Cold War Kids -- missed most of their set at Bonnaroo, but still relaly dig their debut
  • State Radio -- just haering these guys for the first time lately, I dig!
Tue 2/5/2008 11:31 AM