big sam and chapter 2 2/4/11 wescott

Local trio sophistafunk opened. A phenomenally talented keyboard player, a solid drummer, and a singer/rapper who I couldn't stand played some moody funk rap. They keyboardist had maybe 7 keyboards and was doing a lot.

Big Sam Williams brought out his quintent Funky Nation. Is Bassist Eric Vogle any relation to Rich Vogle of Galactic? These guys compare to Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue. Both young trombonists from New Orleans, both kicked off Jam Cruise the past two years, both party music, funkifying pop music songs among other. If I had to say based on the one time I saw each, this was a much better performance, but I'd give Andrews the nod in terms of musicianship. Along with Big Sam, the trumpeter andrew bahan is always dancing. The two also sing and have a great back and forth. The word I would use to describe their hour and a half set would be fun.

Eric Krasno, along with one of my favorites Nigel Hall, Chris Loftlon on Bass and a chick Nicki Galespie on drums. The set was not nearly as fun but musically more sophisticated. It bears mentioning that Nigel Hall came out in a Wescott sweatshirt which he removed to show a sophistafunk t-shirt, as was donned by Big Sam during his guest turns. On one of the first songs, Loftlin had some trouble with his bass amp, and while the techs took care of it, he went over to Nigel and played the bottom end  on the keys. Very cool to see. The set started out funkier but became mellow and more soul tinged as it progressed. Krasno, who I think just about anybody whose seen him would agree is in the shortlist for best guitarists in the scene, seemed to play reserved melting into the ensemble rather than leading an all out chops assault. Top 30 maybe? The group seemed more of a project than a band, with a rotating group of players and a setlist that includes tracks from other royal family groups soulive, lettuce and the nigel hall band. I was expecting Adam Deitch on drums and although Nicki Galespie did a servicable job, it's not even a fair comparison.

Enjoyable night
Mon 2/7/2011 9:01 AM


livinthatlife Fri 7/6/2012 08:50AM
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